आचार्य प्रशांत बायोग्राफी


What I think of as “self-awareness”, is what I call “self-awareness”. It’s when we are aware of something and recognize it as something we’ve already known for a while, but not necessarily consciously. We can often catch ourselves doing something and think, “Oh, that was me.

We can’t always know what we do when we’ve lost sight of something. If your brain has been running that track for a while and you’re still seeing it, or you’ve gotten lost in the woods, or you’re stuck in a loop or have no idea where it’s going, you can’t be aware of something.

So, if you want to be able to recognize your actions, do it with awareness. We often have the idea that we want to control the outcome of a situation, but we don’t, it’s all down to our decision-making. Our thoughts, our emotions, our actions all affect our consciousness. We can’t run around and say, “I didnt know this was going to be bad” or “I didnt know this was going to be good.

We need to be able to recognize our choices and their consequences. But as we are all human, we are not perfect, and we make mistakes.

I was talking about how the world of the old school was in a different state of evolution.

The problem is that we are all pretty much the same, and we have not evolved as we should have. Our minds are just as powerful as our bodies. Therefore, we cannot even begin to understand the power of our decisions, or the weight of our emotions.

I think that is why I find it hard to forgive people when they commit crimes.

This is not a good time, because life has been pretty difficult for the last couple of years. Our brains have learned that we have enough information to make decisions on our own. That doesn’t mean that we should just quit the game altogether. We should learn to make decisions on our own.

It is a good thing that we have all the tools we need to make decisions on our own. My kids are very smart, and I know that, so I think that it is very important that we take care of ourselves. We should be in good shape.

As our brains have learned to use them, they have also learned to use them not to use them! The biggest problem with our brains is that they have gotten so good at making us believe that we are in control of everything that we have to constantly remind ourselves to take care of ourselves. It’s easy to get into a routine, but if we don’t take care of ourselves we will burn out at work.



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