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I am not a mathematician. I am not an engineering genius either. But I am an albert einstein. I will do anything to be on this planet. I will fight for my beliefs against my rationalizations and I will fight for knowledge against ignorance. I will fight against the system, the rules, and the dogma because I am a voice of truth.

Einstein is a mathematician as well as an physicist. But there’s a disconnect between the two. He was an engineer first, and then a mathematician, and then a physicist. But in all of these fields he was a voice of truth. He was part of a revolution that was going in the exact opposite direction from that which we are going in. We are all trying to make the system right, so that we can continue to do the things we are doing now.

If you look at the history of science, the history of mathematics, the history of physics, then you can easily see that its a movement in the wrong direction. That is why I say that Einstein was a voice of truth, because his ideas were not the only voices in that movement. Einstein was not the only one trying to make things right, or even the only one doing the right thing.

That’s right. Einstein was the voice of truth. That’s why he was a hero. That is why he’s such a hero in the history of science, because he did not stop trying to right the wrong, he continued trying to make things right.

Einstein, as a scientist, was not the voice of truth, he was the voice of a political scientist. He believed in the idea of the perfect society. He believed that the perfect society would exist if only all people had the same amount of money and all people would be treated equally in every aspect of life. He also believed that the perfect society would be an ideal society, not a dystopia, because the ideal society would be the society that would live in freedom from government regulation.

This is the reason that he was so suspicious of the Nazis. Because he saw a society of people living in fear of the government and not able to leave because they had to be at work or school. He also believed that the perfect society would be the perfect society in which everyone had the same amount of money. This idea is found throughout his work, and also in his later writings.

Einstein’s point isn’t that the government should never take any action against anyone. He is saying that the government should stay out of the people’s business. In other words, you can have an ideal society and you can have a perfect society, but there is no perfect society. The ideal society is the society that has the government out of the way. The perfect society is the society in which everyone has the same amount of money.

There is a bit of a circularity to this. Einsteins point is not that the government should not become involved in people’s lives, but that the government should stay out of the citizens business. He is saying that the government shouldnt come into the lives of people unless they need something from them.

Not everyone agrees with these beliefs, but the idea is that people should not go into the government business unless they need something from it, and that the government should be out of the way when it comes to the lives of its citizens.

If you don’t think government is in the lives of its citizens, then you are either a moron or a fool.



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