bihar elections exit polls


We’re going to be talking about bihar elections exit polls. The elections are coming up in a few weeks. I think it’s important to understand what happens when you don’t vote, so here’s some information about the elections.

The general voter turnout in India is around 40%. The elections are between the two parties. The Congress party has a comfortable lead. But remember, its the election only. So you may win by a margin of one or two percentage points. A few days before the elections start, the results will be announced. One of the two main parties may win, but there will be a run-off. If the Congress wins, then the next round of elections will be held.

The biggest news is that the Congress party won with over two million votes, enough to win the election. Another big story is that the Congress party has a good chance of winning the next election. But a run-off is not out of the question.

The other big news is that the House of Representatives has lost, with an election of the next month. The House races are next, at this point. If the House-electings don’t win, then the House races will be held all together. A running-off is not out of the question.

The last time the elections took place, the Congress party won by a large margin (47.6% to 46.9%), and the BJP party won the rest of the seats. This time, the Congress party has less than half of the votes available, and the BJP has got more than two million votes. So the race is really one between the BJP and the Congress party.

As was the case last time, the seat the BJP-Congress will have in Maharashtra is going to be a toss up; Maharashtra is a very small state with fewer than half a million voters. The Congress party is hoping to get around two million voters to get more than 20 seats. As usual, the BJP is winning by a large margin, but the Congress party is very close to winning, having come very close to doing so last time.



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