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Bridget Shergalis is a guest blogger based in Los Angeles and is an editor at her own website. For the last 8 years, she has been a freelance writer covering all aspects of the fashion and lifestyle industries. She also works as a fashion reporter for several publications around the world.

Shergalis’s blog is full of fashion-related information on style and fashion industry, and it is one of the most active blogs on the internet. I’ve been a lurker on her blog since I first saw it about 6 months ago. It’s a great place for fashion enthusiasts to go to find new trends, and it’s also full of great fashion advice.

The blog post I found most interesting was this one: “How to Buy Designer Clothes Online”. Its a pretty comprehensive list of retailers that sell designer clothes, and its also a great place to find inspiration from others in the industry.

I love this post, and feel like I was one of the very first readers of her blog. Its a great look at the fashion industry in general, and the ways other fashion bloggers are able to help the industry. I feel like I want to help in a big way.

I think you should try and look at the fashion industry in general. For people in the entertainment industry, the fashion industry is probably the only industry that they spend a lot of money on. When they’re in college or working, they can spend anywhere from $40 to $100 on a new pair of jeans. On the flip side, when they’re out working, they can spend as little as $10 on a pair of shoes.

I think it is important to pay attention to how fashion designers make a living and what their salaries are. Theyre often just starting out and have lots of money to spend on clothes. As you get into your career, it might be a good idea to learn about how the fashion industry works and how to get into it. Many fashion designers have blogs and magazines and blogs in their portfolio. It also helps if you can create fashion designs yourself.

One of the most popular blogger fashion designers is bridget shergalis. She actually has her own business,, but her blog focuses on fashion design and how to get into it.

With the popularity of fashion blogs, you can find a lot of advice for getting into the fashion industry. One of her main tips is to use social media to find out how other designers are doing. Another is to create a portfolio.

For your portfolio to be successful, you need a lot of work. Bridget-Shergalis offers a variety of services from creative work such as fashion design, to print work such as her own magazine. She also posts on her blog and Twitter. But the big reason she’s successful is because she understands her audience. Bridget works with designers from all over the world and has worked with some of the most famous fashion designers in the world.

What makes Bridget Shergalis so successful is that she doesn’t just work with designers, she works with the designers who use her. She not only works with designers from all over the world, but she works directly with designers in her native Canada. That means she doesn’t just work with designers, but she works directly with designers. Which not only proves her work is good, it also proves she understands her target audience.



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