chitharesh natesan


I’ve been in love with this place since I was a little girl. The first time I visited was in 2006, right before the first “O” of my birth name. I was just over 13, and I remember I had a tiny suitcase in my hand and I was so excited to find my name and the house, and I instantly knew I wanted to live there forever.

That time was before my name was born. I didn’t have parents or any idea what a name might mean, and before I knew my name, my name was gone, and I never saw any of my old friends again, but I did see the same thing happen to my little sister, but she didn’t have any parents either and she had a lot of friends that she didn’t know.

It’s not that I’m sad or anything, and I don’t believe I’m a terrible person, but I do think I’m a weirdo. The thought of moving to a new place and never seeing my old friends all I had was really depressing. I’m not trying to be dramatic here, because I’m not.

No, chitharesh is a girl name, though she’s also written as Chitharesh with an N in her name. I guess I should have seen her last name from the name, but I did not.

Yes, I’m using the same spelling as our chitharesh in the name.

There is a name change. There has been one for over a decade now, but it was actually a lot more recent. The original Chitharesh was first written in the 1980s, but since the name Chitharesh was first used in the 1970s, I guess they decided to hold off on changing it until the 1980s.

Natesan is a Sanskrit word meaning “female warrior.” I didn’t know that, but apparently it has also been written as “Nate.” I guess this means that she used to be a warrior, too. This has been one of those name changes that makes no sense to me. The guy I know who writes about the world and all its peoples seems to think she’s from the past. I guess they all are.

I mean, it’s definitely not Chitharesh Natesan, just the most popular one the internet has to choose.

Chitharesh Natesan is one of those names that seems to have been popularized by the film “Sholay”. In the movie, it is written as Shakti Natesan, which literally means “female warrior”. I dont know why a movie company decided to put a male actor in a female role, that’s all.

Chitharesh Natesan is a female Hindu warrior, the second most powerful warrior in the world, and she’s now living in an island full of people who worship her as Goddess Chitharesh. She is also the leader and protector of a cult that worships her as Goddess. She’s a very powerful woman, and her life is threatened because some of her people don’t believe in her, and she wants to know why.



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