hamzah tiktok


This is a sweet and savory treat, based on the traditional Turkish dish baklava. The hamzah is made from a mixture of nuts and dried fruit, wrapped in a sweet cake. It is similar to the doughnut.

It’s called hamzah because the nuts are ground into a fine yellow powder, the fruit is chopped into small pieces and mixed with the nuts, and the sweet cake is rolled into a ball. The best part of this recipe is that it can be made ahead and frozen. To make, slice the hamzah into small pieces and place in a food processor. Add the nuts and fruit, and process until the mixture is slightly coarse. Transfer to a bowl and sprinkle with sugar.

When you’re done, melt the butter in a bowl and press into the flour with the heel of each teaspoon. Slowly roll the dough into a ball and use your fingertips to shape it into a ball. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the dough. Cut the balls into a ball, and then roll them into a ball of dough.

The biggest thing the game does for me is to play the game with a friend, and that friend can get me into a car wreck. That’s the way I would be running a game, but I wouldn’t run a game with a friend.

The game also has a bunch of other things, such as a way to make a giant hamster ball, a way to play a classic game called “Chase”, and a way to be a crazy cat lady that wants to catch a flying rabbit. The most impressive thing about hamzah is that not only does it have a great story, but it also has a great soundtrack. The soundtrack also includes songs from the game, and it makes me want to play the game again.

While it is definitely true that a hamster cannot really handle a rabbit, its not a bad idea to go with a rabbit instead of hamsters. I like the way the game looks and sounds, and I have a great soundtrack in my life.

I like hamzah’s soundtrack too. It’s an extremely upbeat song that includes some great rap, and it’s really fun to hear the music of a creepy cat lady.

I think I’ve been hearing the “Hamzah Tiktok!” song all my life. It used to be my favorite song in my life, a song that’s kind of like an anthem for my cats, and then a few years ago they stopped making it and I haven’t heard it in a while.

I like hamzah songs because they are very popular and have a really catchy melody. I think this is another one of my favorite songs in my life.I like them very much as a soundtrack, and there are some really good songs that I like, but you know I love hamzah songs.

I’m not sure why they stopped making them, they are just so catchy. The song “Hamzah Tiktok” was released by the band in 1991, and was also the first video to be made by the band. The song itself is about a girl who is trying to get her boyfriend back, but is being attacked by a bunch of guys and has to hide out in a small village.



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