hooch tragedy


I’m not sure that this really qualifies as a tragedy but it has probably happened more than you think. I was recently watching “The Cosby Show” and it was very similar to the show “The Big Bang Theory” where one of the main characters was involved in a situation that was incredibly traumatic, but yet he or she was able to completely get over it. I think that this is what happens to us all. We are able to get over the traumatic experience and move on.

Exactly. One of the issues I have with the show is that it is full of people who are so busy being miserable and depressed that they don’t even notice how much time they are spending on their phones or on social media. They are constantly surfing the web, playing games, watching TV and all the while still eating and drinking. When you have people in your life who are so busy they can’t even remember why they were in your house, it is easy to lose touch.

While I appreciate the show’s attempt at trying to be a bit more relatable, I think the problem comes in when it tries to be too much like one of those shows that are popular on YouTube. Instead of trying to make the show more relatable, I think we should try to find a way to make it easier for people to “get” the show.

The problem is that this show is too easy to imitate. There are tons of bad TV shows out there, it is more relatable because of the way that the characters are forced to act and interact with each other. The problem is that there are tons of bad TV shows out there, it is more relatable because of the way that the characters are forced to act and interact with each other.

Our show is trying to put in a really bad guy, a bad guy that is so relatable that we want to be like him, but we are forced to act like him, so naturally the show is very relatable. However, we have no idea if that bad guy is even real or if the show is just a cheap imitation of it.

In this episode, the show’s main character, Colt Vahn, is forced to go to a party in a nightclub. He’s supposed to be the head of security for these Visionaries who are locked in the same day repetitive loop. When he arrives he finds that the party is in full chaos and that the Visionaries have been brutally murdered.

This is where it gets personal. When this episode first aired, Colt Vahn was the head of security for the Visionaries, which is why he was there in the first place. The show was very much based on what was going on with the Visionaries, and Colt Vahn was the one that needed to save the day. But, the one that Colt Vahn saved was a real person with real feelings and real feelings deserve a real person to save them.

In this episode, we see a person that we can call a hero, Colt Vahn, who has a special connection to the Visionaries. The one that he saved was the son of the original Visionary who was killed, and he had a strong connection to the original Visionary. Colt Vahn’s connection to the Visionaries is his connection to that person that he saved, and he’s now trying to save the son of that person.

You can call him a hero, but you can also call him a hero-killer. He’s not a hero so much as he is a hero-killer. In fact, he’s just the kind of hero that we need to end the world.



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