how many people do elephants kill a year


The truth is that this statistic is based on a small sample of only a few thousand elephants killed each year but the reality of the situation is that the population of elephants on this planet is only a few thousand.

The most common reason for getting killed is because of a poor diet. After just a couple hours of fasting, most of the elephants are killed off in the process. If you’re eating a lot of cheap meat and can’t find a good source of energy for your body, you’re killing more elephants per year than you have been on Earth. The more people who die, the more often they’re killing another human being.

The good news is that every year about a hundred elephants are killed in this manner and we can prevent that from happening again by getting as much meat and calories as possible.

This is why it’s really important to get enough calories. Not only are they not harmful to our health, they’re also a source of energy. Without enough energy, our bodies can’t perform as well. But we’re not just being lazy. We’re being lazy because without enough energy we can’t think clearly.

Well, there’s a lot of reasons for this and the way we’re killing elephants is really quite different from the way we kill humans. We only kill an elephant once every two weeks and they spend about half their lifespan in a state of perpetual starvation. That’s why they’re called “elephants” in the first place.

Its so ironic in a way because we are killing ourselves and we are killing elephants.

I personally think that they are simply being lazy. I also think that the fact that we are taking up space on the planet is really a good thing. After all, we use way more energy than we do food. We use way more energy than we do oil, so it would have been nice if we had enough energy to stop using oil.

Also, when I try to think about the meaning of this, I can’t really think of any other animal that kills so many of its own kind. Perhaps it’s a sign of some sort of animal death instinct, but it sure seems a lot more than that to me.

This is another one of those statistics that really doesn’t make sense to me. The fact is, elephants are a very peaceful species. They are very active and social. They are extremely intelligent and social. They are very gentle and kind. They also have a very low incidence of human-caused violence.

That may be true of a large number of species. But for elephants, it’s true of only a small portion of their population. Elephants are part of an extremely small portion of the world’s population. And for a very small portion of this tiny world, being “peaceful” is actually a bad thing.



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