how to disable whatsapp floating notification


In my opinion, this is the best phone app because it prevents the annoying notifications like ‘someone was calling you’, ‘someone has sent you a message’, ‘you’ve been tagged’, and a lot of other annoying notifications.

I think you may also be thinking the app is pointless because of some of the other notifications. But in general, I wouldn’t use it unless I really needed to track down a message or someone sending me a message.

I use whatsapp mostly for sending messages, but I also like to track the progress of the conversation on facebook, and I am quite aware whatsapp can be of value. But in general I dont use it because Ive had the same experience with other people and their messenger friends. And thats a whole lot of people in one group. It just seems as though whatsapp is always the first to find out about a conversation.

Whatsapp is probably more useful if you have friends who also use it, or a group that you know can send you messages, but Whatsapp is still a decent tool for keeping in touch.

I dont use Whatsapp for the same reason. It is a decent tool, but I tend to use it for a different reason. I use it for private conversations. For me, a private conversation is something that you get to choose very carefully. I can only share intimate details about myself, such as my likes and dislikes. I can only send and receive messages to people I know. Thats all I can do.

Whatsapp is a great tool for private conversations, because it allows for a much more intimate communication. You can text someone you’ve only just met, or you can type in a subject line as well. But all of that is also available in other apps. For me, that private conversation is what Whatsapp is best at.

If you want to disconnect from the social network, you can just delete all of your contacts, but that doesn’t give you complete privacy. You still have to set up your own chat server that allows you to send and receive messages.

There are a lot of apps out there, but Whatsapp is probably the best one. It allows you to message anyone youve just met, or you can type in a subject line. You can also send a message to anyone and be able to read any of their messages (they will be locked) without them knowing who you are (you). However, the main disadvantage of Whatsapp is that you have to have the app installed on your phone.

I’m not a big Whatsapp fan myself, but I really like the idea of sending a message from a different phone to a same phone as long as you use the same phone. You still have to set up a chat server, and it sounds like the devs have found a way to prevent that.

That’s exactly what the developers have done. They’ve set up a server that can only be accessed if the app is on your phone. But you can’t disable the app completely unless you disable the server. The server is located in a server room at the beginning of the game. You use the web interface to send a message to anyone who is on the same server as you.



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