jio postpaid 399 plan


I’m not going to lie and say that you will be paying for this. However, the fact that you have to pay (for the most part) is one of the reasons that I am glad I am not retired. When you retire, you are no longer burdened with having to worry about how you will be able to pay your bills.

This is a fairly recent change for jio. It was introduced in Feb, 2012, and jio has been offering it for some time now but I think it is the first time anyone outside of the company has been willing to offer it. So if you’re still not happy with your current plan, we hope that you don’t mind sharing your thoughts with us.

I am glad to see this. I am not sure if this will affect me in any way but I do feel like jio is doing a good job of keeping the company healthy.

It is good to see that jio is improving. But the fact is that this is a one-time change. If you are still interested in the plan but are not happy with the current one, then you can apply again.

The company and the services jio offers is not dissimilar to what other prepaid carriers offer. It’s just more of a service rather than a phone plan and in that regard it’s quite similar. If you want to switch to a postpaid service (which jio doesn’t offer but there are lots of them in the market), then jio has the option of offering you a special discount. So if you haven’t yet jumped on the prepaid trend, then it’s worth a punt.

jio is definitely one of those companies that is more focused on services rather than a phone. However, with the exception of their unlimited voice plan, they’ve given us a number of promotions for postpaid plans on their website. It’s quite an easy process to apply for a new jio plan. Just go to jio’s website and click on the link “apply for a new plan.

Postpaid plans are a really important part of the jio prepaid plan, but they are also a lot smaller than it first appears. In fact, jio has plans for 2 users and 1 person. So if you have two phones, you can get a plan for just one.

The number of lines that jio has in their plans is still quite small compared to other prepaid service providers, but it is extremely important to note that its a postpaid plan, meaning that you dont have to pay if you switch plans. However, if you cancel your current plan, you have to pay the remaining balance. Its just that simple.

You can sign up for a new jio plan at, but you can also choose to sign up for a prepaid plan at Postpaid is the official carrier of e-commerce services. It is actually quite popular among people who are looking to pay for internet services in advance, but you can still switch plans at

If you really need to switch plans, is the place to look. The prepaid plan is also quite popular among people who dont need to pay anything for services from the postpaid menu. has a pretty full feature set, so even though it is a prepaid plan you can use it with or without a postpaid ID.



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