karnataka election result


The day after the Karnataka election results, I can’t help but get a bit choked up. This is the first time in my adult life where my state, India’s largest, has voted in favor of a nationalist party. In this state, the Congress party has a solid majority and we are all just seeing if the minority Bharatiya Janata Party can pull its votes together enough to make it to power.

It’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s the truth. BJP won 32 seats while the Congress party won 20. So the BJP has won in every constituency, and we may have to wait another 14 days for the final result in the state to be announced.

There is no doubt that it is a huge political upset. I mean the state has been solidly in the hands of the BJP for years, and their victory is also significant for a number of reasons. Some of the key reasons include the fact that it is the first time since the Congress party took power in 2004 that the BJP has won every seat in a single state in a single election. Also, the BJP has won the most number of seats in the state, which is usually a bad sign.

I think the biggest reason for the BJP’s win is because it has been the only party to have dominated the state government, and this is a big change from the Congress party government. It also has a significant electoral advantage over the Congress party, because the BJP has been able to draw a significant number of voters from the state to its party, and this electoral advantage is also one of the reasons why the BJP has been able to make gains in the state.

The state of Karnataka is a state that has a lot of history. It has often been a seat of conflict between different political parties, and the BJP has been able to capitalize on its history to gain the governorship for the first time in the state’s history. For the BJP, this is the first time that it has been able to make a significant political impact in the state.

This is a big deal. The BJP is the only party in Karnataka to have ruled the state since 1998, so it is always going to have a lot of support in the state. Even if the BJP failed to win the state, the fact that it has been able to make substantial gains in the state shows that the party itself is strong.

The story of the Karnataka election was a very strong story. The election result has taken us to a very strong state, which is where the main focus seems to be. For those of you who have been thinking about it for a while, this was a good opportunity to give some insight into Karnataka’s electoral politics.

The story of the election is not a story about the results of one particular party, but a story about an electorate that is still very much a work in progress. Even if the BJP failed to win the state, it can be argued that the support that it received in the state is the outcome of an electorate that feels betrayed by the Congress. Even if one state ends up with a Congress government, every other state will be led by the BJP.

It is a state that is far from united—it will be interesting to see how the BJP fares in the days leading up to the State elections. But from our vantage point, the story of this state is one that is still in its infancy, and it seems as if the BJP may have an uphill climb to make up for its relative failure in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

The only thing that has helped the BJP to win this election is the fact that even as the Congress has been fighting elections in their state, they have been fighting each other in the same district. This has allowed the BJP to win seats in places like Nalasopara, Kolar, and Bapatla. Now the BJP is in trouble, as the Congress looks like it may have lost control of Kolar. The BJP is also looking vulnerable in places like Karanataka.



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