lata mangeshkar best songs


Lata mangeshkar is a great song for me, and I’ve heard it many times, but that’s the point: it’s the lyrics that make me want to go out and play it. The lyrics are the same as the songs: “I’m making a bed for myself.” And you know what? It’s not bad. Just don’t put it in the book or the magazine.

This is the part where you tell me that I shouldnt be listening to this song. Okay. Then lets play this song. This song is called “Lata Mangeshkar”. It is a very good song. It has very good lyrics. I love the lyrics. I am making a bed for myself. And you know what, I am really tired now.

Well said. lata mangeshkar is an excellent song, and we all know that lata mangeshkar is a very good song. That just makes me want to play it all the more. And you know what, its not bad. Just dont put it in the book or the magazine.

lata mangeshkar is also a good song for listening to while you’re reading a book. I’ll put it this way; I really can’t tell if this song is good or bad. My guess is that if you put this song in the book, the book will be awesome. If you put this song in the magazine, the magazine will be awesome.

The song has been out for a while, but lata mangeshkar is one of the first songs we hear. And its great. It really makes you want to listen to it. If you want to find out more, listen to the song on our website.

The music lata mangeshkar has been out for a while, and it has been great. It has a really catchy melody. But this is one of those songs that when you put it in a book, it makes it so good that you stop reading and start playing the song yourself. I can only imagine how good this would be if it were on the radio.

Our review of lata mangeshkar describes it as “a super catchy song” and I like that. But, lata mangeshkar doesn’t really sound like the kind of song that you want to be singing at parties. The melody is really catchy, but the lyrics are not memorable at all. The music is so catchy that listeners start to forget what the song is about, and the lyrics are so catchy that they get lost in the melody.

I like that music. It’s just that lata mangeshkar is one of the best songs on the album. I can’t imagine a song like it without lyrics, but it’s catchy and catchy. The lyrics are catchy, and the lyrics are catchy. There are many songs that have lyrics, but lata mangeshkar is like a song without lyrics.

lata mangeshkar is easily lata mangeshkar. It comes off as a very catchy song, and the lyrics are catchy. The lyrics are catchy, and the lyrics are catchy. They are also the only song on the album that is in hindi, so its a great one to get your ass playing. I can’t see this song being in hindi.



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