mexico prison riot leaves 44 dead


My last time in prison was to be incarcerated for a year in a Texas prison. I had never been in a prison, but a prison is pretty much the end of the world. Prison is a good way to get out of trouble, because it allows you to get out of the prison and get out of the institution. Here are some of the things that have been happening over the last few years in the prison system.

In June a Texas prison riot left 44 dead and more than 2 dozen injured. This riot was in the infamous “grafting” program that has been in place on the Texas prison system since 1998. It was carried out by prisoners who had been caught in gang wars and were in for a lengthy sentence. The “grafting” program was designed to get the prisoners out of prison and to get them to work the gangs.

Prison guards were caught in a turf war with one of the gangs they were supposed to be protecting. This riot was a result of the fact that the prisoners wanted to be free and the guards did not agree with that.

The guards were on strike for a few days, but managed to get the prisoners to stop their strike. The prisoners then started a riot at what the guards called “the park”. The guards had to use tear gas and shotguns to break up the riot, and the rioters then stormed the guards housing block. It was a riot that did not have the best outcome for the guards.

The riot started after the guards were called in to deal with the rioters. As the rioters surrounded the housing unit, they set the guards on fire. The guards were able to fight off the rioters, but were still surrounded. A guard was stabbed and killed, and the rioters started their rampage again, only this time they were able to take the guard out.

The riot is depicted in the video above, but it is also implied that the guards were killed in the fire. The rioters also shot and killed an escapee from the riot, but because he was on foot, it is unknown if he was also killed in the fire.

The video above, which is an official mexico prison riot clip, is actually a scene from the game. The rioters started looting a local prison, which eventually ended up in the street and had to be set ablaze. The video above is an official version, but that doesn’t mean it’s the exact scene depicted.

The rioters were killed by the police, however. As the video indicates, the prison rioters were not the only ones that they were killed in, so the fact that the rioters were killed by the police is implied. So I assume they were all the deaths of the rioters.

The riot appears to have started around midnight and lasted for two hours. Police used tear gas to disperse the rioters. It appears that the riot was the result of a dispute between inmates and guards over the treatment of inmates, but as the rioters were not the only ones that died in the riot, I assume they were the ones that were killed.

The last four of the rioters were the group of four who were allegedly the group that was responsible for the riot. I assume they were the ones who were killed in the earlier part of the riot, but I’m not sure.



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