neet things


This post comes from my new book. I can’t believe I’ve been writing for a whole year, I was just about to get on a plane and fly to my first book signing. I’ve been really busy with work and personal life stuff so I haven’t had time to write a bunch of shit. But I’m back and I think you should check out my new book, neet things.

There are some serious differences about what I wrote. I can’t believe Ive been writing for a whole year, but neet things is a collection of stories that range from the lighthearted to the dark. They tackle a variety of subjects, from the mundane to the surreal. From the mundane to the surreal, neet things is a book that isnt just about one thing, it’s about a lot of things.

One of the few things Ive got in the book at all is a nice mix of horror, science fiction, and fantasy. So I wouldnt be surprised if Neet Things is the one Ive got in the book. Ive been playing with the story for a while now, so Ive started wondering if this is the best way: to get a few extra pages of a horror story, and then one more.

I dont know if I would call this a horror story, but that’s because it isnt. Its more of a mixture of science fiction and horror. The story, as it turns out, is about the power of a group of people who have been given some sort of magic device to use at will, but they can only use it at certain times of the day, and even then they still need to be sure that the people they are using it on aren’t using it on themselves.

The people in this story are called the ‘Neet’s’. These people are the first people to use this device, and to start using it, they must go through a series of trials to prove they are worthy of it. So, basically, they are the first people to get to the ‘real’ world, by going through the trials. Their goal? To get the device.

The Neets are the first people to know what it takes to use the device. They also have a weird set of rules that the rest of the people don’t. The Neets use the Neet as their weapon. They are the only people that are able to use the device, and they are the only people that can use it on themselves. They are the only people who can use the device on others, but they cannot use it on themselves.

The Neet is a big beast.

The neet is big. It has many tentacles that stretch out from one end of the device. These tentacles can be controlled by the user, as long as they are in contact with the device. The neet can also be used to create a strong force field around the user, which the neet can then use to destroy other neets, or to hold them captive.

The Neet’s tentacles are called “Tentacles” because of the way they are able to stretch out and attach themselves to another object. The Neet’s tentacles can be made of different materials with varying properties, and can be extended up to several meters in length. The tentacles are not just capable of clinging to anything, they can be used to attack and even tear apart objects, as they have enough strength to tear apart a person’s foot.

Neets are a member of the Vexor family and are capable of killing and maiming their victims. In fact, when the Vexor and Neets war, the Vexor would use their tentacles to attack the Neets, severing the Neets’ connection to them. The Neets would then go to the Vexor and attack them instead, and the Vexor would then finish the job by severing the Neets tentacles.



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