The Most Common Mistakes People Make With socially awkward gif


Some of you may be familiar with the social awkward gif.

You see this gif on social media and think that this is how you look on the internet.

Yeah, it’s funny. The only thing more awkward than this GIF is that it’s the only thing on the internet that’s completely wrong. It’s like trying to get your computer to tweet a cute picture of you. If you didn’t know the difference between an awkward GIF and a cute GIF, you might think this GIF was cute, so you tweet it.

The socially awkward gif is a good example of how it’s easy for us to get fooled by the people we’re talking to. We can get so caught up in the conversation we start talking about what we were talking about a second ago and it just feels like the conversation is going on a whole lot longer than it actually is.

Our blog posts are often a little more long-winded than most people, especially the ones that make up this blog, so we thought this gif was a good way to illustrate why that is. If you read through it, you will see that it’s just a funny, non-threatening picture of two people. The only difference is that one half can see the other half from the back of the other half’s head and neither half has seen the other half for quite some time.

This is a social awkward gif. It’s just two people in a bar.

It’s a good example of why a more diverse social media would be a good thing. It’s easy for me to point to the fact that my blog is full of jokes and memes, but there are so many other places where I can post my opinions and that would do a lot to improve my online presence.

Speaking of a better social media presence, I have been playing online games for a while now, and I am finding more and more that the games are becoming more and more like real life. I have talked about this before, but I am beginning to believe that the next big wave of games will be similar to how movies are becoming more and more like the real world.

Games are a great way to learn and to experience real life. I am glad to see that more developers are taking a more open approach to this. Games have a certain element of the real world, and the more we can learn about real life and our ways of living in it, the better the games will be.



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