tujhe meri kasma


This is one of those dishes that are easy to make and a staple for any Indian restaurant in the area. It comes from the Konkani word tujhe which means “to eat,” and meri “to eat.” So you may have thought, “I don’t eat meat,” but the kasma is quite tasty and the meat is healthy.

The kasma is a kind of fried fish that is eaten traditionally in India. It is an appetizer in a vegetarian meal. And like most of our dishes on our website, the kasma is made with a combination of two ingredients: wheat flour and fish. Its flavor is a bit spicy and sweet at the same time, but the dish could serve as a really tasty side dish if it is made with just the wheat flour.

The kasma is one of our signature recipes, so you might be thinking that it wouldn’t be too difficult to make your own kasma. But first, you need to buy a fish. The kasma is actually made by frying a whole fish. It is not a traditional Indian dish, so we’d recommend using a fish you’ve already got in your freezer.

The kasma is a dish that is unique to Kerala, the state where the dish literally originates. It is a unique dish in the sense that you can use just a pinch of fish powder to make the kasma. Not only is it tasty, but it also packs quite a punch, with the taste of fish and wheat flour mixing together. If you look at the picture of the kasma, you will see that the fish is coated in a very thick layer of flour.

This is a common method used when cooking fish ingredients like salt and/or saltwater. It is actually more delicate than the traditional way of cooking fish ingredients like salt and/or saltwater. This is because the salt water is mixed with the fish ingredients and the flour is mixed with the fish. It is a different technique for how to make the fish. The most common method is to use this method on an ordinary fish like a stick, but you will often need to use more fish.

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