The word twekal is derived from the word “twake” and it is also derived from “twek”. There are several “t” sounds in the word. The “t” sounds are separated by “k” and so it is used to sound like it is double the letter “k”.

Twekal is a word based on the letter kellal, meaning “sad.” Twekal is basically the sound of a person speaking in a language that’s not as good as those in English. The word is also used to mean “spit” since it sounds like they’re speaking in a language of spittiness.

Twekal has been used a few times in game media but this is the first time it is used in the media we have. It can be used to refer to a specific aspect of the game that is not fully explained, or when there is something that has no word in English that we can call it, and it gives the game a different tone.

Twekal is an aspect of the game that has been used to give it a higher level of polish than usual. The game has quite a few “tweetings” that do not have English translations in the end credits of the game. A few times in the game, Twekal was used to refer to something that was not explained. For example, in some missions, you can ask your teammate to tweet you something to get you out of a sticky situation.

The term “tweekal” just refers to the way a character in the game moves their arms and legs. Tweekal is also a very common word in English for any kind of movement or gesture. Because of that, the team has decided to use the term “tweekal” to refer to the game’s movement.

Twekal (which is a very rare word in English) is also a word you can use to refer to a very rare thing. It is often used to describe a small, delicate, or delicate object. Many of us don’t see twekal as a rare thing, but it is a rare word that is used to describe a thing that is very, very rare.

It is also a rare word that is used as a noun. Twekal is a word that often comes in the singular form. The plural is tweekal.

The tweekal movement is a very small group of people who are often confused. They are small but incredibly powerful. They are also very careful and careful people. They are people with very high morals. They are people with some sort of special connection to Tweekal. They look like people from the future but they are still people.

Tweekal are the most famous of the small but powerful people who are sometimes confused. They have a lot of power as their movement is very small. They are very careful, they are very careful people. They are people who are incredibly careful with themselves. Tweekal like to take care of themselves first. They like to take care of themselves first and take care of their friends second.

These are people who are very similar to the other Tweekals in that they have not been properly raised by their parents. They often have a very high IQ score but they also often exhibit the lowest of morals. They are often very self-centered. They are often very self-conscious. They are often very cautious and careful. They are sometimes very selfish. They are sometimes very kind. They like to be kind to other people. They like to be nice to people.



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