varsha gaikwad


This varsha gaikwad is another favorite dish from my mom. She often makes it for me when I become lazy and eat a few pieces. This is one of those dishes where the vegetables are cooked and then you add the pasta.

This is an interesting take on a classic dish.

I was really tempted to try it, but my dad made me promise not to try the dal (which is a very good vegetable) because it’s very delicate. I just can’t get my hands on the dal…

My dad’s family always has this recipe for this dish which is quite similar to the one I make, but with different ingredients. It’s really good and is the perfect way to use up the leftover vegetables from today’s meal.

In the video, after you cook the veggies you put in the pasta, you add salt and black pepper, then you add the sauce and mix it all together. That’s it! There are no instructions for how to mix it or anything else so just make sure you put in the veggies before you add the pasta.



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