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My name is Vivian Dsena and I am a wife, a mother, a teacher, and a writer. I am the youngest of four children and have been married to my wonderful husband, Brian for almost seven years now. I have recently returned to school to get my BS in Communications as well as my Ph.D. in Education, which is a dream come true.

Brian and I got married because (a) we needed to do something special for our two little girls and (b) it was the right thing to do. Our family is very supportive and very accepting of all our lifestyle changes and we have managed to make the transition to a new life very smoothly. I am extremely grateful to have found Brian (and his amazing wife) in such a wonderful, loving, and supportive home and I love them so very much.

The only thing we missed about our old life is our kids. We have five kids, so even though we are not at all in demand, I wish we had met them a long time ago. But since we have moved, we have been very lucky to have this wonderful family and friends in our new home. We are all very proud of ourselves and we are very excited for our children to have a great start in life so we can grow as individuals.

Vivian is a huge part of our life and our future, because she is our baby. We have been lucky to have her for so long, we have spent so much time with her, and she will always be a part of our lives.

And of course she is a part of our life because she is a part of our family, and the rest of the family is a part of our family too. You would think we were so lucky because we have had two wonderful and wonderful children while we have been living in our new house. But that would be a lie. We have had a lot of fun and that has been a big part of our lives.

viv has been in our lives for a long time. Our marriage is over a year now, and she has become a member of our family. She has been with us for the past year, and is still as a part of our family. But the truth is that she is not like any other child we have had. She is a girl who is not the first child we have had, but who we have been with for so long.

vivian dsena is our daughter who was born four years ago. She is almost five years old. And she is the first of our four children. She is the second child in our family to come along, and the only child in our family who has not been adopted. That is a significant fact to us. We are a middle-class family who have not had any children, and we are the only one of our four children to not have any siblings.

We are all aware that adoption is a controversial issue. We are all aware that adoption is a very emotionally charged issue. We are all aware of the emotional baggage that can result when you have to say goodbye to a child. Our daughter, Vivian, was only one year old when we found out we were adopting her. We decided that adoption was not going to be an option for Vivian.

Vivian is part of the family, and that is a very big deal. You don’t have to adopt a child, but you do have to decide when to adopt. Vivian is not an easy person to adopt. She is very demanding, she is a little rebellious, and she is extremely dependent on her parents for everything. It was one of those decisions that were incredibly hard for us.

The hardest part for Vivian was deciding whether to keep her at home with us or to move her to a foster home. We initially decided to just keep her at home because we knew she would have her own room and be able to make friends. We also knew that a foster home would not give her the same kind of attention she needed.



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