what is the difference between cleaning disinfecting and sterilizing


I have to say that I am not a fan of disinfecting. It seems to take away from any kind of self-awareness that might be present from cleaning your dishes and making sure you sterilize everything. Also, you have to remove the germ-laden bacteria that inevitably find their way into your kitchen.

I don’t think that’s entirely true. Every time I clean my dishes I remove the germ-laden germ-laden bacteria, which often end up coming back in my dinner.

I think it’s more like you’re removing the germ-laden germ-laden germs from the surface of your dishes, which is also part of the cleaning-sterilizing process.

It is possible to sterilize your food. Just don’t wipe it off while you’re cleaning it.

Yes, I’m sure you’re right. Every time you wash your hands, clean your dishes, and sterilize your food, you are removing bacteria from the surface of the food. But you’re not sterilizing the food. You are wiping it off.

So what you are doing is removing the bacteria from the surface of the food. That is the cleaning process. The sterilizing process is to put it back to the same condition, so it can function the same when you cook it.

The difference is that cleaning the food is a “clean” process, whereas sterilizing the food is a “sterilize” process. I think you got the idea.

I think that last example is a good one. I also think that the difference between cleaning and sterilizing is that cleaning is not a disinfecting process and sterilizing is not a cleaning process. I think we can see that from the differences in the words “clean” and “sterilize.” In cleaning, we are making the surface as clean as it can be. In sterilizing, we are making the surface as sterile as it can be.

That’s because sterilizing is often done on medical equipment. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen a disinfectant machine, but it looks a lot like a washing machine. We all know that disinfectants are dangerous and we don’t want to do the work ourselves.

I think we can also see that that cleaning is a process that can be done by hand, and thats why the phrase cleaning it is a hand task. Sterilizing is a process that can be done by machine, and thats why the phrase sterilizing is a machine task.



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