who composed the national song of india vande mataram


The song is actually from the Tamil language, which means, “I’m going to make you a song of india vande mataram”.

The song is actually from the Tamil language, which means, Im going to make you a song of india vande mataram.

The song was actually composed by the legendary poet Ravi, but now the song has been recorded by a bunch of singers including A. R. Rahman. Vande mataram literally means ‘proud’ and is a common Tamil phrase. It isn’t actually a song so much as it is a song. So it’s a song of pride.

Ravi did have a bit of a reputation for composing songs, but he may have had more to do with the song actually being called “Vande Mataram” than anything else. Vande Mataram is a Tamil phrase that means proud. It was the phrase found on the song sheet of the singer Manikandan, and it became the song’s title. It’s not a song, but it’s a song.

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