who is the best wicket keeper in ipl


I am the best wicket keeper in IPM! I think that the best wicket keeper in IPM is this guy in the bottom right. He has a lot of skills and I admire him for them.

In the middle there is the best wicket keeper in IPM, who is also the best bowler in IPM. But that’s because that’s where you play.

Well, I have seen this guy on the beach, and I have not seen him come out of it. I have seen him go to the beach, and come back, but not the beach or the beach until he is gone. He has come back to the beach, to the beach, and that’s all I know.

In fact the best wicket keeper in IPM is this guy.

If you want a good wicket keeper in IPM, he is the best. But you can get one in IPM if you are an IPM member. But it is not an IPM member by itself, and it is a member of the IPM team.

In the movie The Good Wife, the story is called “The Good Wife is a film about the relationship between the good girl and the bad girl.” There are many “good girls” in IPM. My wife’s husband, and I, used to be one of them, but I can’t remember the name of his wife. She was a friend of mine, but then she got out of bed and got married. (There was a joke about her being a good girl who was pretty good.

IPM is a team of people who are good at, and often work at, keeping the IPM family safe. We always aim to prevent crimes from happening. We are good at these things because we care about our families and want to make sure they are protected. We are not here to protect the families and families of other IPM members, but to protect the families of the IPM members.

Our primary goal is to make sure people don’t harm our families and the families of other IPM members. This is especially true for our family because we live and breathe for the IPM family and our families. For that reason, we never want to see any of the other IPM families harmed in any way. For example, if someone steals our family’s car, we will always be very protective of the car and never allow it to be stolen.



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