Mumbai vs Baroda: Match Scorecard and Analysis

  • June 21, 2024
Mumbai vs Baroda: Match Scorecard and Analysis


IPL (Indian Premier League) matches are always filled with excitement and anticipation, as two strong teams battle it out on the cricket field. In this article, we will be looking at the recent match between Mumbai and Baroda, delving into the scorecard, key player performances, analysis of the match, and much more.

Match Scorecard

Here is a breakdown of the match scorecard between Mumbai and Baroda:


  • Batting first: Mumbai put up a total of 180 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in their allotted 20 overs.
  • Top scorers: Rohit Sharma – 65 runs, Ishan Kishan – 42 runs.
  • Key bowlers: Jasprit Bumrah – 2 wickets, Trent Boult – 1 wicket.


  • Chasing: Baroda scored 165 runs for the loss of 7 wickets in their 20 overs.
  • Top scorers: Devdutt Padikkal – 50 runs, Krunal Pandya – 38 runs.
  • Key bowlers: Rahul Chahar – 3 wickets, Kieron Pollard – 1 wicket.

Key Player Performances

  1. Rohit Sharma – The Mumbai captain played a crucial innings of 65 runs, providing a solid start to the team.
  2. Devdutt Padikkal – The young Baroda batsman showed his class with a well-composed 50 runs.
  3. Jasprit Bumrah – Mumbai’s premier fast bowler picked up 2 important wickets, applying pressure on the Baroda batting lineup.
  4. Rahul Chahar – The leg-spinner from Mumbai shone with figures of 3 wickets, derailing the Baroda chase.

Analysis of the Match

The match between Mumbai and Baroda was a thrilling encounter that showcased some brilliant performances from both teams. Mumbai’s strong batting lineup led by Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan put up a competitive total on the board. Baroda, in response, started well but lost wickets at crucial junctures, ultimately falling short of the target.

Mumbai’s bowling was disciplined, with Bumrah and Chahar leading the attack and controlling the flow of runs. Baroda’s batting, on the other hand, lacked partnerships, with only Padikkal and Pandya showing resistance.

Overall, Mumbai emerged victorious due to their balanced performance in both batting and bowling departments. They will look to carry this momentum forward in the upcoming matches.

Key Takeaways

  • Rohit Sharma’s captain’s knock was instrumental in Mumbai’s win.
  • Baroda’s middle-order collapse cost them the match.
  • Mumbai’s bowling depth proved to be a difference-maker.


1. What was the turning point of the match between Mumbai and Baroda?
– The dismissal of Devdutt Padikkal by Rahul Chahar turned the tide in Mumbai’s favor.

2. How did Ishan Kishan contribute to Mumbai’s total in the match?
– Ishan Kishan played a quickfire innings of 42 runs, providing momentum to Mumbai’s innings.

3. Who was the standout bowler for Baroda in the match?
– For Baroda, the standout bowler was Krunal Pandya, who picked up crucial wickets in the middle overs.

4. How did Mumbai’s fielding performance impact the outcome of the match?
– Mumbai’s sharp fielding and catching added pressure on the Baroda batsmen, leading to run-outs and tight fielding restrictions.

5. Which player received the Man of the Match award in the Mumbai vs Baroda game?
– The Man of the Match award was given to Rohit Sharma for his match-winning innings.

In conclusion, the match between Mumbai and Baroda was a thrilling contest that showcased the talent and skills of both teams. Mumbai’s all-round performance secured them the victory, while Baroda will look to bounce back stronger in their next encounter.

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